We will talk about the Diamond Painting basic tools

Diamond painting is a wonderful way to reveal your artistic side, even if there’s not a single crafty bone in your body. Using an applicator tool and wax, you scoop up diamonds and set them on an adhesive canvas which features a color-coded chart. In other words, it’s so easy, even a child could do it! But even experienced crafters feel the draw to this mesmerizing hobby.

However, if you have just discovered the world of diamond painting, you might be confused about the tools and accessories that come along with each kit. You may be wondering what is actually included or what you need to go out and purchase. Plus, there is an array of other additional accessories you can include to complete your diamond art studio.

First, we will talk about the basic tools, then move towards some special additions to your diamond art studio which you will enjoy working with.

Drills and Pens:The most essential Tools For Diamond Painting you need is a pen/drill. Basically, it’s an applicator tool used to place the diamonds onto the canvas. As it is a very delicate task, a high-quality diamond painting pen is important to maintain accuracy.
LED Light Pad
Diamond Organizer
Table / Chair
Diamond Separator
Frame it Up

How to choose the best diamond painting kit
There are several things to consider when buying your diamond painting kit. Every kit is different in terms of difficulty and with so many on the market, it can be a little overwhelming knowing which to choose. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your kit or buying a kit for a loved one.

Square or round diamonds?
Difficulty level
Does it have everything you need?

There are even diamond art enthusiasts making their own gadgets and accessories to meet their personal needs to help them achieve their masterpiece.

Find an accessory that inspired you to get crafty with diamond art? We want to hear about it!

If you are new to diamond art painting or just want to step up your game with the right tools and accessories, topdiamondart.com can help you find all the right supplies. We have a great selection of diamond art accessories that serve a variety of purposes so you are sure to find what you need right here.

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